Ready to meet WA State’s new Energy Efficiency Requirements?

The 2018 Washington State Energy Code has officially been adopted and put into effect. While the intent of the code is noble, many people are finding it more difficult than ever to obtain a building permit, whether it is for a commercial or residential application. All new residential construction is now required to meet a minimum number of energy credits to obtain a permit. The requirements for commercial construction have become increasingly complex, as well. Do you know if your building is subject to a Total System Performance Ratio (TSPR)?

Meier Architecture • Engineering has taken the initiative to familiarize ourselves with the requirements of the new code and the required documentation needed for your building permit. Whether you need help simply filling out the paperwork or help with identifying the energy credits that best meet your new home or facility, Meier has the personnel capable of assisting you through this process.

Starting in 2026, The Washington State Clean Buildings act will require commercial building owners to report all energy usage and comply with the strict energy usage limits. Owners will be required to bring their buildings up to code, no exceptions. Multifamily residential buildings are exempt from mandatory requirements of the Standard but are eligible for the Early Adopter Incentive Program.

Meier Architecture • Engineering has professionals registered with the State as “Qualified Persons” to help assess and ensure compliance with these new mandates. Planning ahead can help building owners not only to avoid potential fines, but also qualify for early adopter incentives. Please contact our Mechanical Group Manager, Colin Bates, for more information and a quote for services at (509) 735-1589 or [email protected].