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Meier is a full-service, architectural and engineering consulting firm with the achievement of successfully completing projects whether in the Pacific Northwest, across the United States or abroad.


Fully Capable to Meet Your Needs

At Meier, we aim for client satisfaction, superior customer service, and providing exceptional value to the businesses we serve. Our work is completely process-driven and result-oriented. We strive to continually improve and update our process and systems to stay in tune with modern technologies. Our client-friendly architectural and engineering services, flexibility and efficient project management has contributed significantly to building long term business relationships.

We have a versatile team of architects and engineers who specialize in design and drafting services. A wide range of expertise and depth of experience enables our team to complete even the most complicated Architecture, Civil, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical projects with ease. Learn more:

Trusted, Efficient, Purposeful.

Meier does everything with one goal in mind: to significantly improve our client’s business through thoughtfully-designed and purposeful architecture and engineering. We designed our internal processes with our client’s efficiencies in mind. Learn more about how we’ve helped organizations across a wide range of industries:

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